Proceedings published!

The proceedings of last spring's graduate conference have finally been published, as a special issue of the Journal of Estonian and Finno-Ugric Linguistics (ESUKA-JEFUL), entitled "Areal Linguistics, Grammar and Contacts". As the journal is committed to open access, all of the papers of the collection, as well as all previous issues, are freely accessible online, at . Hard copies may be ordered from the University Tartu Press (see ). The authors will be receiving a free hard copy by mail. 

The  special issue consists of 11 papers based on talks given at the conference, and one regular paper:

  • Preface Andres Karjus
  • Syntactic change in an immigrant language: from non-finite to finite subordinate clauses in Turkish Pelin Onar Valk, Ad Backus
  • Contact-induced sound change: analysis of the alveolar lateral fricative in Yami Li-Fang Lai, Huiju Hsu
  • Alignment in lingua receptiva: from automaticity towards monitored code-switching Daria Daria Bahtina-Jantsikene
  • From code-switching to a mixed code: the role of parenthetical verbs in the emerging Polish-Russian mixed code in Lithuania Brigita Séguis
  • The la-form: Russian verbs in Nanai speech Sofia Oskolskaya, Natasha Stoynova
  • Nanai argument structure: Russian influence Ksenia Shagal
  • The adoption of Russian conjunctions in Udmurt Inna Kaysina
  • Loanwords and stylistics: on the gallicisms in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight  Maria Volkonskaya
  • Syntactic strategies of exclamatives Natalia Zevakhina
  • Language death and revival: Cornish as a minority language in UK Zsuzsanna Renkó-Michelsén
  • Finno-Ugric substrate appellatives in Russian dialects of the Upper Kama Roman Gaidamaško
  • Coding and behaviour of Estonian subjects Helena Metslang