[The registration of presenting participants has finished. You don't have to register if you are not giving a talk. The information below is for reference only.]

If your abstract has been accepted and you intend to give a talk at the conference, please register below before the 31st March 2012. There is no participation fee, and everybody is invited to attend the talks, regardless of whether they are presenting themselves or not.

How to proceed?
Step 1. Register here in between 18.02 and 31.03).
Step 2. If you received an email stating that your submission has been accepted for presentation at the conference, then please send us the revised version of your abstract before the 31st March (final deadline; kindly send it earlier if possible). If your abstract was rejected by the scientific committee, then it means you will not be presenting at the conference.
When it comes to preparing the new version of your abstract, follow these guidelines:
  • The revised version must be in .RTF (Rich Text File) format.
  • Download the abstract template here and follow the formatting instructions therein to prepare a print-ready version of your abstract. The template also includes some general ideas on how to improve the abstract.
  • If you cannot, for some reason, open the .rtf template, here is a link to the .pdf version.
  • Send your abstract as an attachment in .rtf format to arealling [at] . On the subject line, write "Abstract Submission" (without the quotes). If you wish, you can also attach an additional .pdf version, but the .rtf is still mandatory.
  • We kindly ask you to submit the print-ready version of your paper even if you choose not to make revisions to the text itself.
  • If you have a question, see the FAQ section first, and if necessary, contact the organizers.