We have received a number of questions since the call for papers was published. Below is a short FAQ (subject to updates in the future) on abstract submission, travel and financing your trip.

Abstracts and Registration

(update) Q: My abstract got accepted, but I would like to revise my abstract before it's published in the conference booklet - can I?
A: Yes - in fact, resubmitting a revised version of your abstract is required as part of the registration process. Please see the Registration section for details.

(update) Q: Could I format or arrange the final version of my abstract differently from the given template? Could I use a different font or size instead, make it longer than one page, use different margins, another filetype...?
A: No, all submissions must follow the template, no exceptions - this goes especially for the one page (A4) limit. Using a smaller font or spacing to squeeze in more text is not a good idea either - after being reformatted by the editor (before printing) to follow the template, it would still make your abstract exceed the one page limit. Instead, if the text is too long, cut down on the basic and less necessary parts and focus on the research question and results. All submissions must be in .rtf format (but feel free to add an additional .pdf version to the email).

(update) Q: I need an official invitation letter to apply for a visa - can you send me one?
A: Yes, but only if your submission was accepted for presentation by the scientific committee (no exceptions). Please follow the instructions carefully in the registration form, and we will send you an official invitation by regular mail.

Q: I would like to participate, but I don't think I will be able to present anything as of yet. Can I still come?
A: Yes! While we strongly encourage submitting an abstract, giving a talk is not required for participation.

Q: Can I write my abstract and present in language x or y?
A: The working language is English only. Examples should be translated and glossed.

Q: Should I submit an abstract even if I am not planning to travel to Tartu in May to attend the conference?
A: Submitting an abstract means you are willing (or at least prepared to seek opportunities) to make the trip - otherwise there's no point, really. If you have submitted an abstract already but it turns out that you would not be able to come (whatever the reason) - please let us know as soon as possible to make organizing matters easier!

Travel and other

Q: I would like to participate, but I'm not sure if I can afford the trip...
A: It is a good idea to research the funding sources for academic travel at your home institution and/or country of residence. Ask your supervisor for guidance, ask the PhD student next door how she got to go to that conference in Hawaii, contact the mobility office at your university, look into funding schemes at your ministry of education or the organization(s) that deal with academic exchange in your country. Plan your trip early to get the cheapest tickets. Also remember, free accommodation is available to those presenters who register early, and the conference has no participation fee to worry about. So basically if you are quick, you only need to pay for your transport and meals (and eating out is relatively cheap in Tartu). An official invitation (for the visa) can be arranged for confirmed speakers travelling from outside of the EU.

Q: Since I will be in the Baltics anyway, I would like to get more out of my trip. Any suggestions?
A: See this page for some ideas and this page for more. You might also be interested in the IFUSCO or other conferences following and preceeding ours.

Q: This is a good idea. Is there something I can do to help?
A: Most certainly. Spread the word, tell your colleagues, post the call for papers to linguistics mailing lists, like our page on Facebook and forward the info to FB, Google+, and other groups. A printable poster can be found here - feel free to put it up on any relevant message board. If you are reading this and you are situated in Tartu, then contact the organizers for signing up as a volunteer.