Call for Proceedings

Good news everyone! We have reached a tentative agreement with a potential publisher. If everything goes according to plan, the conference proceedings will be published as a special edition of the Journal of Estonian and Finno-Ugric Linguistics (see ), entitled “Proceedings of the Graduate Conference on Areal Linguistics, Grammar and Contacts”. JEFUL is an open access journal, meaning that in addition to being published in the form of a paperback journal, all of its issues are freely available online as well (as will be our proceedings collection).

The collection will be comprised of articles authored (or coauthored) by participants who gave a talk at the conference. As this is a special issue, the topics are by no means limited to Finno-Ugric linguistics. The proceedings should, however, still fall within the general themes of the conference. The only criterion for publication besides this constraint is the quality of the submission, which is decided on the basis of blind peer review (an international board of reviewers is being assembled for the occasion of the special issue). Only articles written in English will be considered.

In order to publish an article, you are required to submit a provisional title and a short summary of your article before the end of September, using this form: Please do so even if you article will have the exact same title as your conference talk. Those who have acknowledged their intent to publish by that time will be contacted with further details on the submission procedure. Full articles should be submitted by the end of November. During January, the authors will receive feedback from the reviewers and will have time to revise their articles. The proceedings issue is planned to be published during spring 2012.

To sum it up:
- 30.09. Deadline to submit a provisional title and summary.
- 30.11. Full article submission deadline.
- January 2013. Feedback from reviewers.
- Spring 2013. Publication of the proceedings.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Update concerning article length: this is not specified at the moment. We will discuss the matter with the journal in October once we have received all the summary submissions. Probably no limits will be necessary.